Dealing with the Past Principles

The Principles on Dealing with the Past is a civic initiative promoted by a group of practitioners and civil society organizations in the field of Dealing with the Past. The group embarked on a joint initiative to chart and endorse a set of principles that will inform and guide political and public actors on how to engage with victims, survivors, painful pasts and historical narratives. The initiative aims to prevent harmful discourse and actions related to the legacy of the conflict and will serve as a reference document to which anyone violating its principles should be held morally accountable.

Dealing with the Past Principles in the context of Kosovo are produced by The Nonformal Coalition for the Principles for Dealing with the Past that consists of 5 organizations and one expert:

Humanitarian Law Center KosovoKRCT – Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture VictimsNew Social Initiative – Nova društvena inicijativa, IntegraYouth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS), and Nora Ahmetaj. For the past year, this group has been working closely together to create a document that will hopefully prevent harmful discourse and actions related to the legacy of the conflict.

The initiative is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo, the British Embassy in Kosovo and UNDP.