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New Social Initiative – NSI is a civil society organization working in Kosovo, but also cooperating with the key stakeholders in the Western Balkan region, to ultimately impact inclusiveness, trust-building, democratization processes and good governance in Kosovo. While doing so, NSI follows its vision of inclusive society built on trust and appreciation among its communities, in which citizens from all ethnic groups actively participate in the society and its governance.

NSI strives to create an impact and bring change by empowering our constituency, a non-majority community based throughout Kosovo, for participation in Kosovo social and institutional life and by increasing trust among communities. NSI believes that the change of Kosovo Serbs community position and relation to the majority community is one of the key contributors to inclusiveness and democratization of Kosovo society.


NSI is a civil society organisation that empowers non-majority communities for participation in Kosovo social and institutional life and increases trust among communities by supporting dealing with the past and normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.


New Social Initiative’s vision is an inclusive society built on trust and appreciation among communities in Kosovo and active participation of citizens from different ethnic groups/non-majority communities.



We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. NSI adheres to values and ethics as there is full alignment in what we think, say and do as an organization.



We aspire to do good work, as we serve our constituency, stakeholders and staff with dignity and respect.



We embrace organizational programmatic and financial transparency and share our work with our base, stakeholders and donors. Internally, our staff is engaged in every process of short, mid or  of long-term strategic planning.



We cherish teamwork as we created the most supportive environment for growth of our staff and partners.



We aspire to introduce new and creative ideas, products, methods and services in our work in order to make life less difficult for our base, stakeholders and our staff.

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