Citizens Perspective on a Future Strategy for Transitional Justice in Kosovo

This report aims to bring forth Kosovo citizens’ perspective on transitional justice and dealing with the past, which should be taken into account when a future national strategy on transitional justice is devised. While the study does not offer a template on how the future strategy on transitional justice should look like, it offers a summary of goals, priorities, and the most salient issues that citizens in Kosovo consider crucial to be addressed and included in the strategy. The report should be read as a supplement to the previously published study entitled “Democratizing Transitional Justice in Kosovo” (May 2020), which offers a detailed review of past transitional justice initiatives in Kosovo and proposed a four-step approach to developing an institutional infrastructure for dealing with the past in Kosovo.

This report has been produced as a part of a 12–month project “Civil Society Framework for a National Strategy on Dealing with the Past in Kosovo”, implemented by New Social Initiative, Integra and PAX, funded by the US Embassy in Pristina and co-funded by PAX.

Authored by Dr. Gëzim Visoka and Besart Lumi