Funded by: Kosovo Gender Studies Center (QKSG)
Implemented by: NSI

Duration of Project: 6 months, August 2017-January 2018

New Social Initiative will perform qualitative research on the representation and role of Serbian women in socio-economic and political processes, followed advocacy presentation of recommendations that originate in the research.

The overall objective of the action is to determine to what level Serbian women are contributing to the decision-making processes and provide recommendations for improvement. Specific objective of the projects is to provide methods and tools for improvement and advocate higher inclusion of women in politics and decision-making processes.

NSI will assess the involvement of Serb women in Kosovo political life and advocate for the process improvement in order to straighten their actual influence in decision making processes. NSI will encourage young women to engage in politics by increasing their capacities to understand their rights and possibilities for their political participation. Along with elected representatives, NSI will advocate for higher inclusion of women in political realm.