Welcome words


It is our pleasure to inform you that New Social Initiative, a civil society organization from North Mitrovica, has officially started with its work in February 2017.

In the present time, when the things are happing so fast, and when we are flooded with information, we lack the time and capacity to analyze reality we live in. For that reason, now more than ever, the need for adequate, full and professional observation is enormous, and New Social Initiative aims to gather people who can deliver just that.

Civil society within the Serb community in Kosovo is in the process of transition. Despite the numerous programs of capacity building in last years, the “critical mass” of researchers and experts who could, with their work and engagements, contribute to the understanding on the position of the Serb community, is yet to be formed.

New Social Initiative will, by gathering young, educated and engaged individuals with experience in civil society, intergovernmental organizations and public and private institutions, bring civil society in Kosovo to a higher level. As part of our activities we will try to generate new knowledge and offer concreate recommendations and plans of actions to the decision makers, in form of non-majority communities protection, normalization of relations and citizen participation.

Our work will be guided by the vision of deradicalized public discourse as a basis for understanding of interests, fears and needs of communities.

With all that said, we invite all interested citizens to join us and contribute to achievement of these goals.

With respect,
New Social Initiative – NSI