Funded by: National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Implemented by: NSI
Duration of Project: 12 months, October 2017- October 2018

Project overall goal is to strengthen engagement in policy dialogue in north Kosovo.

Understanding the importance of research and advocacy for development of a democratic society, New Social Initiative aims to, with this project, enhance capacities of junior researchers engaged with organizations and/or media in the north of Kosovo. NSI will conduct a series of activities to boost civil society’s capacity for policy research and advocacy.

The project will have two main segments. In the first segment project will focus on developing skills and knowledge of researchers from civil society organizations, through a set of training conducted by experienced researchers from universities and think tanks. Trainings will cover qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, developing policy documents, data visualization, and evidence based advocacy. In the second segment project will focus on implementing acquired skills and knowledge in practice. Utilizing the knowledge acquired through the training, researchers will conduct targeted advocacy initiatives aimed toward stakeholders who are in charge of delivering produced recommendations.