Funded by: UNMIK
Implemented by: BIRN Kosovo and NSI
Duration of Project: 4 months, March-June 2017

Taking into consideration the fragility of relations between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, BIRN and NSI believe that it is crucial to push for more cooperation of the civil society and media of both ethnicities so that they can together to address shortcomings and find common solutions. Problems concerning both communities across all Kosovo municipalities are not isolated but rather recurring in almost each municipality, hence the efforts to address them should be common as well. BIRN and NSI aim to contribute to reconciliation and interaction among communities, through working together in identifying and addressing some of the pressing issues in one hand and raising capacities of local journalists and activists on the other. Activities implemented in order to reach the set objectives are roundtables with representatives of media and civil sector in Kosovo that will address shortcomings in the capacities of media and NGO sector in Kosovo and provide the grounds for potential cooperation; joint analyses on common problems mapped in the roundtables; “Youth and Politics” one-day conference; Analytical Report on the perception of civil society and media in Kosovo on their inclusion and ability to follow the normalization process (Brussels dialogue); and a “Youth in Politics-Youth in Action” televised debate.