Publishing is one of the key activities of the New Social Initiative – NSI. In next years, the NSI will put the efforts to publish as much as possible research documents, policy papers, op-eds, manuals, guidelines and brochures. 

The New Social Initiative publications are free of charge and can be found at our webpage or social networks profiles.

Da li je vaša opština zaista vaša? Procena uskladjenosti lokalnih samouprava sa principima učestvovanja gradjana u donošenju odluka na severu Kosova. Ovaj izveštaj razmatra trenutne okolnosti i izazove,  fokusirajuci se na učešće gradjana u procesima donošenja odluka kao jedan od glavnih uslova za delotvorno demokratsko upravaljanje i jedan od preduslova za jacanje položaja lokalnih samouprava u četiri opštine na severu Kosova. Na osnovu toga, izveštaj razmatra mogućnosti za poboljšanja koja imaju za cilj da posluže kao smernice za dalji razvoj postojećih i uspostavljanje novih praksi.

Is your municipality truly yours? Assessment of local governments’ adherence to principles of citizen participation in north Kosovo. This paper explores current circumstances and challenges, focusing on citizens participation in decision making, as one of the main condition for effective democratic governance and one of precursors for strengthening position of local governance in four northern municipalities. Built on that, the paper considers potential for improvements aiming to serve as a guideline for further development of existing practices and establishment of the new ones.

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Innovative approaches in citizen participation – Good Practices Report. Overall objective of the Good Practices Report was to contribute to strengthening of democratic potentials at the local government level in northern Kosovo, through assessment, identification, development and demonstration of innovative approaches in good governance, primarily in terms of citizen participation. The specific objective of this report was to identify good practices and exploring their applicability within the local context in one of the four municipalities in North Kosovo, as well as to provide recommendations and technical assistance to local governments to establish innovative mechanisms for interactions with constituency.

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Media and Civil Society as a Medium for Awareness of Political Realities – the Case of the Brussels Dialog
NSI proudly presents our first research document Media and Civil Society as a Medium for Awareness of Political Realities – the Case of the Brussels Dialogue, written by Dina Milovanovic. This paper tried to understand to which level the accessibility and readiness for cooperation of political and public institutions representatives, and the information sharing, influences the work of media and civil society, in terms of contributing to the process of the Brussels Dialogue (including what that contribution could be), monitoring the process (primarily implementation of the achieved) and informing the public about it. In line with that, the paper explores the correlation of these components with the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Kosovo Constitution, as both media and civil society ultimately serve to contribute to the achievement of those rights and freedoms.

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