Jovana Radosavljević, Executive director, is a researcher and civil society activist from Leposavic. She is a TLP scholar and holds MA in International Studies from Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, with specializations in Conflict Resolution and International Development and a BA from Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. She has extensive experience in working on election monitoring in Kosovo. While pursuing MA degree, she worked on researching external support to nonviolent campaigns in Serbia. Jovana worked in the nonprofit sector in the US with NGO DzBuilding Bridges Shiftdz. Before starting MA she worked for EU Election Observation Mission for Municipal and Legislative Elections in Kosovo, as well as interpreter, journalist, editor and presenter at RTV Mir. Main interests: conflict resolution, international development, comparative politics, elections, gender equality.

Aca Mitić, Program director, is a civil society activist with experience in CSO organizational development, advocacy initiatives and conflict management. Aca managed number of projects funded by the EU office, USAID, KFOS and various embassies in Kosovo. He was also engaged in the field of human rights as a founder of a youth group of Helsinki Committee for human rights in Serbia. Aca initiated number of advocacy activities aiming to improve inter-ethnic relations among communities in Kosovo, by increasing opportunities for formal and informal dialogue and cooperation. He participated at the “Leadership Program” organized by WCEE, University of Michigan, and number of programs related to leadership and public speaking in Kosovo and abroad. He completed Human Rights School as part of Helsinki Committee for Human rights program for young leaders. Main interests: organizational development and change, leadership and management, diversity and cross-cultural awareness, strategic planning and conflict management.

Dina Milovanović, Development manager, is a civil society activist with experience in qualitative research and consulting on subjects of human rights, communities, social inclusion, economy, politics, public policy and the importance of socio-cultural aspects in policy making. She worked with both the intergovernmental and civil society organizations in Kosovo. Dina authored and co-authored number of publications on different socio-political topics in relation to Kosovo’s present politics and practices. She is currently Master in Public Policy (MPP) candidate at the Oregon State University. Along, she already holds MA and BA in Ethnology and Anthropology from University of Belgrade. In 2015 Dina received “Borivoje Drobnjaković” award, for the best MA thesis in the field of ethnology and anthropology. Main interests: human rights, public policy, politics, economy and the importance of socio-cultural aspects in policy making.

Marko Milenković,  Program assistant,  is a civil society activist from Leposavic. Marko studied at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Mitrovica, as well as at the Technical School in Leposavic. Mr Milenkovic participated in several trainings organized by international and regional CSOs related to leadership, public appearance and project management. He participated on one semester long educational program “EU integration school” funded by Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS). Main field of interests: local development and politics, interethnic relations, youth activism.