Jovana Radosavljević

Executive director

is the executive director of New Social Initiative. As the executive director, Jovana is responsible for advocacy, strategic communication, fundraising, and leading the team of staff through the implementation of the strategic plan. She is a member of the Preparatory Team for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, whose task is to prepare the technical and legal infrastructure for the TRC in Kosovo. More recently, Jovana has worked as a consultant for the World Bank Kosovo Office, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina, and swisspeace, providing analysis of Belgrade-Pristina relations and Kosovo Serb political life. She worked for the EU election observation missions, deployed to Kosovo to observe municipal and legislative elections in the aftermath of the signing of the Brussels Agreement. Jovana is an alumnus of the USAID’s Transformational Leadership Scholarship and Partnership Program and holds MA in International Studies from Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, with specializations in conflict resolution and international development and BA from Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

Marko Milenković

Program Manager

    is a civil society activist from Leposavic. Marko studied at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Mitrovica, as well as at the Technical School in Leposavic. Mr. Milenković has several years of experience in project management, especially on the topics of citizen participation in the local decision-making process, transparency and accountability of local governments.

    Milica Andrić Rakić

    Project Manager

      has been in the civil society sector since 2015. She worked as a researcher and policy analyst for numerous non-governmental organizations and consultancy companies until 2018 when she became a journalist. As a policy analyst she dealt extensively with the implementation of the legal framework related to non-majority communities in Kosovo, particularly access to documents and freedom of movement, education in the Serbian language and the implementation of the Brussels agreement. She is the author and co-author of dozens of policy documents and reports, including public opinion polls related to Serbian and Albanian language perception, symbolism of the Ibar bridge in Mitrovica, Kosovo Serb community security, satisfaction with the performance of former Serbian institutions integrated into Kosovo legal and administrative system and others. Milica graduated English language and Literature at the University of Pristina temporarily settled in Kosovska Mitrovica and also has language teaching experience.

      Miloš Milovanović

      Program Director

        Miloš Milovanović serves as Program Director at New Social Initiative.


        Mr. Milovanović career started as result of his desire to make a different society as he believes that our future is shaped by our minds and efforts to strive for a better tomorrow. Mr. Milovanović channeled this passion into practice by engaging with international organizations and NGOs with mandate to promote or protect human rights, build democracy and boost economic development and growth. Through two decades long experience in leading civil society organizations and managing small and large-scale programs Mr. Milovanović developed diverse and deep understanding of development sector which made him a great strategic leader. Miloš holds a Master in Business Administration from United States’ based Willamette University – Atkinson Graduate School of Management. Mr. Milovanović leadership and guidance was crucial for New Social Initiative development. His mandate as Chairman of the Board was branded by great results and growth that lunched NSI to shining stars within Kosovo’s civil society scene.


        Ana Milićević

        Program Assistant

          was born on 05 April 1996. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in International Commercial Law at the same Faculty. Since the beginning of her studies, she has been involved in many NGO programs and participated in numerous summer schools. Her professional experience includes working in NSI as Program Assistant, as well as engaging in a EU Election Observation Mission and legal internship that she has done during her studies.

          Dijana Mitić

          Finance Manager

            is responsible for managing the finances of all NSI’s project and for the overall NSI’s administrative and financial matters. She has been engaged as a Financial Officer in projects funded by various embassies in Kosovo. In her previous engagements, she has also worked on economic empowerment of women and youth. Dijana holds BA from International Sales and Marketing at International Business College and MA from Faculty of Philosophy in North Mitrovica.

            Sanja Stojković

            Project Officer

              graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina and is currently pursuing  a master's degree in Business Economy. She has participated in numerous trainings and summer schools organized by regional organizations related to leadership, human rights and public appearance. Some of that are for National Democratic Institute “Young Leadership Academy”, “Women’s Leadership Academy” and “Week of Women 2019”, and for OSCE “Dialogue Academy for Young Women”.  

              Lazar Mirković


                is a student of the English Language and Literature and a long time volunteer for various local non-profits. Lazar attended many discussions on human rights issues, gender equality, local politics and reconciliation. Lazar has many hobbies outside of work, but he spends most of his time developing his video-editing skills in a specific niche and improving personal fitness.

                Ardita Xhemajli


                  is currently in the final semester of BA studies on Environmental and Agricultural Management at the International Business College Mitrovica.  She has more than 5 years of professional involvement in civic sector and participated on different international trainings and multi-ethnic youth programs. Some of them are “Creation of Culture’’, “Conflict Transformation Program” “Reconciliation youth work in post-conflict areas” and “OSCE Inter Community Forum”.