Dušan Milenković

Chairman of the Board

    Dušan Lj. Milenković serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at New Social Initiative. Dušan Lj. Milenković has a ten-year work experience in international political development agencies National Democratic Institute and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, as well as the management of programs aimed at working with political stakeholders and institutions in Serbia and the Western Balkans region. He is very familiar with the donor community and civil sector in the region whose active member he has been since 2007. He is interested in deep problems of political systems, especially of countries in the region and has recently also been interested in the implementation of behavioral approaches in politics and economy. He also has a British license for project management in the development sector (PMD PRO). He writes.


    Shpetim Gashi

      Shpetim Gashi serves as one of the members of the Board of Directors at New Social Initiative. Shpetim Gashi is the Vice President of the Council for Inclusive Governance, a U.S.-based international non-governmental organization. He focuses on issues of governance and political development in countries in transition. He holds an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University and a BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.