Funded by:  Peace Movement Pax Netherlands Foundation [Stichting Vredesbeweging Pax Nederland],
Implemented by: NSI
Duration of Project: 9 months, April-December 2017

The goal of this project is to contribute to strengthening of democracy at the local government level in northern Kosovo, through assessment, identification, development and demonstration of innovative approaches in good governance, primarily in terms of citizen participation and accountability. The project seeks to employ innovative practices, through detailed comparative assessment of best practices and technological advancement in the e-governance and e-democracy area. Local representatives will be familiarized with these practices trough a study visit to two regional municipalities that proved themselves as most innovative and efficient. In order to further promote progress of the local governments, a pilot project will be developed, focusing on new approaches in governance style, based on researched examples of good practices, for the purpose of increased citizens’ participation and accountability. Special attention will be given to the inter-municipal cooperation, that is, the project model that would support and enhance inter-municipal cooperation, in line with the Law on Local Self Governments and the Law on Inter-Municipal Cooperation.