Funded by: US Embassy in Pristina
Implemented by: Sbunker and NSI
Duration of Project: 10 months, March-December 2017

The goal of the project is to contribute to the democratization process and inter-community understanding in Kosovo through establishment of third track dialogue between Albanian and Serb prominent non-political individuals on major social/political/economic challenges effected by the Brussels dialogue. Sbunker and NSI are confident that third track dialogue is a necessary complimentary activity, as political elites failed to provide transparency and explanation on the processes that have taken/are taking place, for which communities maintained distance and distrust. Project activities will be driving forces that will contribute to the achievement of specific and overall objectives of the project. Activities combine traditional and innovative methods that provide environment for establishing inter-ethnic dialog forum or platform among project target groups. Dialog established among young activists, researchers, journalists, academics, trough modern and attractive content, such as op-eds, public debates and conference, planned within this project, will demonstrate the importance and role of inter-ethnic community communication and cooperation in transforming public discourse. This project is a first step in Sbunker and NSI long-term strategy of creating inter-ethnic dialog forum/civil society platform. Aim is to enhance inter-ethnic dialogue thought creation of formal body (Forum) which would gather relevant stakeholders from both communities.