New Social Initiative (NSI) is a newly founded civil society organization based in North Mitrovica. NSI is bringing together individuals from Kosovo with the vast expertise in the area of policy research, policy analysis and public advocacy, and with higher education from renowned western academic institutions.

Our vision is deradicalized public discourse in a free and prosperous societies which understand communities’ interests, fears and aspirations.

Our mission is to conduct high quality independent research and provide innovative policy proposals and practical recommendations to the interested parties at local regional and international level in order to:

  • Contribute to democratization processes and constructive inter-ethnic relations through fostering and promoting positive inter-community communication and cooperation;
  • Facilitate shared discourse and joint vision on major social challenges;
  • Secure a more prosperous political, social, legal, economic, and environmental development in the region;
  • Empower decision makers to adopt principles of informed decision making.