With the end of 2021 we are also closing our project “Kosovo Collective – Forging Constructive Inter-ethnic dialogue”. In the past 12 months we have organized 5 informal Chatham house rules discussions in Severna Mitrovica/Mitrovica e veriut, Brezovica/Brezovicë, Ferizaj/Uroševac and Prizren and summarized the main points of those discussions in our latest report.

It covers different views and arguments of participants from different ethnic backgrounds who have taken a part in the discussion on issues such as the freedom of movement crisis, A/CSM, Kosovo’s announced genocide claim against Serbia, dealing with the past and other “sensitive” and difficult topics that are not characterized by level-headed and constructive public debate.

The report is available in our Publication section in English, Serbian and Albanian.

KCSS researcher Dani Ilazi and NSI project manager Milica Andrić Rakić spoke about the report and discussions at the final conference. The discussion, moderated by one of the authors of the report, Ardit Orana, can be viewed below.

Throughout project duration we also published 22 Op-Eds, all of which are available in three languages on our website

One topic warranted special attention, so we published a separate short report on discussant’s remarks about the announced internal dialogue between the Government of Kosovo and Kosovo Serb community, it is available only in English

The project was supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy of the German Marshall Fund of the U.S. and USAID.