NSI and its partners in this Activity according to the research and by working in the field of Reconciliation and Conflict Transformation have witnessed that there is a lack of Think and Do Tanks in Kosovo and specifically in Mitrovica region that would provide recommendations and solutions to the existing gap between the communities. Therefore, NSI, CBM and YIHR with the support from USAID have decided to develop an organizational strategy with expert support as a first step before establishing the Think and Do Tank.

The 2021- 2024 organizational strategy should:

  • Be based on a) a basic review of the Think Tanks previous work in Kosovo with a critical and learning lens (in which fields other Think Tanks particularly effective and successful, and the lack of that matter, etc.), and b) an updated context analysis, including anticipated trends and adaptation measures that Think and Do Tank should take to position itself in this environment.
  • Chart a compelling vision that is informed by consultation of different stakeholders, target groups and governance bodies and which outlines the Think and Do unique value proposition.
  • Articulate clear strategic objectives and spell out the intervention logic, approach, and capacities that Think and Do should deploy to achieve them.
  • Map the implications of the strategy on the internal structure and processes and chart a clear operational plan to make the actions required for the implementation of the strategy.
  • Create a sufficient basis for Think and Do Tank to articulate measure and articulate its results.

Individual consultants and team of consultants possessing the qualifications outlined below are invited to apply.

  • Demonstrated track record of successfully facilitating participatory strategy development
  • Demonstrated experience in facilitating organizational development of Think Tank/ non-profit organizations, including in relation to the development/revision of organizational structures
  • Mitrovica, Kosovo and regional (Western Balkans) context (socio-political context)
  • Familiarity with the themes Peace, reconciliation, conflict transformation, human rights advocacy, youth activism, social entrepreneurship, CSO development, work with institutions
  • Experience with the development of Monitoring and Evaluation plans
  • Program design & methodological experience in relation with Peace and reconciliation fields of work will be considered an asset.
  • Experience with donor relations will be considered an asset.

If you are interested in supporting our strategy development and meet the criteria, please send us your application via email at office@newsocialinitiative.org with the subject heading “Strategy development procurement” no later than September 4th, 2021. Your application package should include:

  • Expression of interest indicating your understanding of the assignment and relevant skills and experiences with strategy development, including the CVs of all engaged.
  • Proposed methodology and related timeframe. In case you are applying as a team of consultants your methodological offer should also clarify how you will divide the work.
  • Financial proposal comprising detailed quotation for the assignment, showing working days and expected fee, as well as the availability
  • Contact details of two references/previous clients that can comment on your ability to accompany strategy development

The document below constitutes the specifications of the framework, the purpose, standard criteria to carry out the services required, and instructions for submitting the application.

Terms of Reference ToR – Development of the Think and Do Tank Strategy Document.