New Social Initiative – NSI is proud to present you new project “Higher Participation for Better Inclusion” aiming to to contribute to the understanding of elections processes and their importance, in order to influence higher participation of Kosovo Serb in the decision-making process at local and central level.

NSI expects that election turnouts in Serb-dominated municipalities will increase, political representation will become both legal and legitimate, and the process of inclusion and participation of Serb community will reach the higher level. Project will contribute to citizens understanding and knowledge on election processes, political parties and their programs, importance and influence of election turnouts, citizen engagement and accountability. In addition, a project team will based on research and monitoring results, develop recommendations and action points for all relevant stakeholders, for further citizens education and engagement. This will ultimately bring to the improvement of public policies on election processes, and the political processes in general.

Higher Participation for Better Inclusion is funded by Swiss Cooperation Office (SDC) in Kosovo, Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) and Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA).